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Travis Ward for RGM





If you were to put together the melodies of Feeder with the audio-ferocity of Pantera then you would

have something like The Hiddn. The Brighton group return with their new single, Egocide which is

a track blurring genres and littered with guitars.

Almost like a love letter to the variety of rock genres the 90s gave us, Egocide has soaring vocal

choruses with gritty distorted guitar work hand in hand.

Egocide’s early moments deliver grunge-like production with more ferocious guitars than

their inspirations. The chorus is a juxtaposition to almost lose the guitars and give easy-going

vocals are try.It’s a back and forth track, however, as climbing guitars return with lengthy singing

notes that Layne Staley would be proud of. The bridge is a further descent into the darker aspects of

the song whispers and background production blasting into your ears.

The ripping guitar solo is a welcome progression and it is sad to lose the guitars in the chorus.

The outro returns to that filthy shredding tonality as if it was sampled out of Cowboy’s From Hell

and presents The Hiddn as a band that can do both, but when they go hard, they go hard.

Whilst the chorus almost feels sugary sweet in comparison, it is still catchy, especially vocal-wise,

but it’s a song dominated by its guitar work and if we have a whole album of this coming soon,

it’s going to be a brutal affair.


Nick Linazasoro for Brighton And Hove News


HIDDN gem from Brighton band!


It has transpired that Brighton based alternative rock band The HIDDN are back on the case!

The Brighton & Hove News Music Team were made aware of this trio, who originally hail from Italy, when we witnessed them performing live up at The Prince Albert on 1st April 2019.

They were then known as ‘The Hidden’ and performed seven tracks that evening (‘Hide!’, ‘May Read Olivia’, ‘Rock In Hell’, ‘Drives Me Mad’, ‘Wrong With Me’, ‘On A Summer Night’, ‘Freaks Me Out’). We observed “It’s fair to say that Stevoo certainly has the charm and looks of a frontman as I’m sure quite a few ladies (and guys) have already noted. His vocal delivery sounds akin to that of The Strokes and the band specialise in slightly off-beat rock and are tuning their sound at present. I understand there is a new EP either just out or on the horizon from these lads, so could be worth checking out”.

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